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La Dirección General de Bilingüismo y Calidad de la Enseñanza, con el ánimo de contribuir a la integración de los auxiliares de conversación destinados en la Comunidad de Madrid, crea y mantiene los foros que aparecen en esta página.
No obstante, quienes participan en dichos foros lo hacen a título personal y asumen la responsabilidad de atenerse a la legalidad vigente. Por esta razón, la citada Dirección General ni se hace responsable de los anuncios publicados en los foros, ni puede ser considerada como intermediaria de los acuerdos que llegaran a alcanzar dichos participantes.
En caso de que se haga un uso malintencionado de alguno de los foros, toda entrada que no se considere adecuada se borrará y no se admitirán reclamaciones por parte del autor de la misma o de cualquier otra persona. También se borrarán los hilos que tengan una antigüedad superior a un curso académico.

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 So why am I talking about kinky stuff? Just for the hell of it and partly because the boyf and I had a general conversation about kinky people. Before anyone jumps to any conclusions, the boyf hasn't even hinted at anything kinky but I did say to him that if he ever did feel like broaching the subject, to make sure that nothing with poo, wee, bondage or goldfish bowls filled with car keys is involved. We were howling with laughter and the boyf remarked that he's sure that people do kinky stuff after a week together! "If someone is trying to get you to do kinky stuff in the space of a week, what do you do in 6 months time!?! A year?!" I demanded. My idea of kinky is the more unusual stuff - I'm not talking changing position or location, I'm thinking when there is whips, chains, an extra person, several people or a room full of them, animals, submission, strangulation, coffee tables and poo, golden showers - you know - that sh*t that makes you think twice, three times, ten times and it still seems far out! It's the stuff you're unlikely to admit to anyone that you do it for fear of them crossing the street the next time they see you!
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