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AICOLE is a virtual community run by the Consejería de Educación which provides on-line teaching resources to educators who teach their subject in English. This resource was created so as to provide all teachers working in the Bilingual School Programme of the Region of Madrid with the possibility of accessing teaching material to be used in their own lesson plans. Through AICOLE, they will become familiar with what their colleagues have posted  and shared, and make their own material available to others, thus improving their teaching methods both in content and linguistically.

The material posted in the AICOLE virtual community is suitable for Primary and Secondary Education and corresponds to the subject areas taught in English within the schools and institutes which are implementing the Bilingual Programme of the Region of Madrid.

With respect to other similar virtual communities, the AICOLE community is unique due to the nature of its contents and the way they are organized within the portal.

Contents are classified according to educational levels and years, and teachers will find them grouped by the syllabus contents corresponding to each school year. This allows teachers  to easily locate material to be used directly in the classroom.

Furthermore, besides containing resources which already exist and are classified by specific curriculum content, AICOLE presents, as a new feature, a compendium of original resources designed by teachers from the Bilingual schools and institutes of the Region of Madrid which have already been used successfully in the classroom and can be directly implemented in the classroom by other teachers.

AICOLE aims at providing a space in which all teachers who work in bilingual settings can collaborate and communicate with one another, sharing material and improving their teaching methods.

If  you have resources or original material which you would like to share, please submit them via e-mail to:


The AICOLE team will review the materials received, and will publish those that are of interest to the bilingual education community.

The material should correspond to Primary or Secondary education and refer to the subject areas that can be taught in English at the bilingual schools and high schools participating in the Bilingual School Programme of the Region of Madrid.


All material submitted should conform to the conditions of the licence  Creative Commons  Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


 The document should be formatted in structure and content as follows:

 See the didactic unit template

See resource template

 At least 2 images related to the material should be included in the document.

The images should be presented in separate files and named accordingly, in  .jpeg, .jpg, or .gif formats.

Should  minors appear in the  images, the corresponding written consent of a tutor or parent must be provided.

Supplementary audio and/or  video files can also be attached and submitted as part of a lesson plan or teaching unit (ppts., Flash, ...).


The teaching units selected, along with other existing resources, will be published in the AICOLE virtual community.

Original teaching units will be published in the on-line Educamadrid Journal and will be certified in this Journal, which was included as a publication in the “Plan Anual de Publicaciones de la Consejería de Educación de la Comunidad de Madrid”, under the ISSN number 1697-7378 (Orden 5741/2004, de 10 de octubre, BOCM nº 8, 11/01/2005).