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Light Therapy Devices For Pain Relief

Laser-related treatments are used for a number of purposes and conditions, including hair removal, hair loss, and pain relief. In recent years, light therapy devices for pain relief have become quite popular, which brings to the question – do these devices really work? Below is a quick overview.

What’s low level light therapy?

Also known as red light therapy, low level light therapy or LTTT uses an infrared light/laser that penetrates in the tissues at specific wavelengths, usually between 800 and 1200 nm. This helps in easing chronic pain. Red light therapy can also refer to high intensity light therapy that uses a Class IV laser, compared to LLLT that uses a Class III laser. The products that use low level light therapy are available for personal use and are considered to be safe.

Does it work?

Some studies and information suggest that infrared light can stimulate mitochondrial functioning. The part of the cell known as mitochondria is responsible for healing and production of collagen. LLLT has been proved in recent research to be useful for reducing inflammation. In fact, in many pain clinics, varied forms of laser treatments are used to accelerate the healing process.

What are some of the best products?

There are a few known names that you can try. For example, – a product that comes from Renewal Technologies – have been highly positive. It combines the best of laser pain relief therapy with what is known as ‘micro-current electrical stimulation’. The product can trigger and stimulate the natural healing process of the body and can reduce inflammation considerably. Laser Touch One has been cleared by the FDA and has no notable side effects.

Another choice is Joovv Light panel, which uses LED light therapy that can work on the entire body in a matter of minutes. It delivers more than 1 joule of red light energy every minute at wavelengths of 660nm. It can heal pain in the joints and inflammation caused by wounds in a short time.

The Tendlite by LUMINA Group is the third known product, which has also been cleared by the FDA. It is more ideal for treating chronic pain in the joints. Most users claim that healing process has speeded up after using the product. The device can be applied to the affected for just one minute for instant relief.

Check online and buy your laser pain relief device now!

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