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Dear Guys, I have been dating this guy for about 6 months and everything was really great. Was getting to know him, started opening up to him, really care about him. Then during one 5am text session I fell asleep and didn't reply for 30 hrs. Apparently, this had upset him even though I didn't realize it. Throughout our relationship...he generally initiates texting, dates etc and apparently...this incident caused him to "test me" by not texting...and we ended up not speaking until day 6 when I texted him. He was very upset with me and had basically given up on me in his head. He said he had a feeling there was someone else (there isn't) etc. While incredibly smart and successful...he has voiced insecurities about how he looks compared to me and how I am always so busy so after seeing him and us making up, I have made a real effort to reach out and show him I care; even though I always responded to him before so I thought we were ok. So 2 weeks ago he had another biz trip and once back I had a trip so have not seen him for weeks now but he has been acting very strange and distant since that incident. I am always initiating with him, he is slow to reply....I knew something was off. He finally admitted that 2 wks ago - about time of our 6 day non-speak - he has to move to different country for 3 weeks out of every month but will still be in same current country 1 week of every month. He said we cannot be together, it's not healthy, we would argue, it's not fair to waste my time etc. I asked some questions and said I'm thinking about what he said. Incredibly hurt by this and so sad as I'm still in a different country. Last nite I had asked him to call me after his meeting...he has not. So my question is: does he genuinely care but is concerned that this will not work because it would be more difficult and his insecurities have just built up...if this is the case ...I want us to try...or is this just an excuse to break up....Further details: Quite sure there is no one else involved here, I am 8 yrs older than him...he is 29, every other way our relationship has been ideal. Please help!
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