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Chinese Wine Man: U wanna wine? How much dollar to spend? (insert eye twitch)
Nando: Well sir, I am not a connoisseur of wines but I know that something under $8.99 would be perfect. Maybe from France? (staring at left eye)
Chinese Wine Man: $8.99? You can get a gallon of Hawaiian Punch for that much. (eye twitching becomes faster)
Nando: Okay, fine, what do you recommend? (staring at left eye)
Chinese Wine Man: This here, good wine, very good. So good I almost no
sell to you. $31 dollar. (eye still twitching)
Nando: Okay, ring it up. (looking away from eye)
Chinese Wine Man: Oh….card decline! Next in Line…..!! (eye goes into twitching over drive)
Nando: (Calling bank)
Automated Bank response: Your old card has been deactivated and your new card needs re-activation. Our offices are currently closed, please try again tomorrow. Have a nice day.
I call Collin to let him know I am downstairs. He opens the door. Its Collin, but 5.0 revised Collin. I recognized his manly frame, his cinnamon toned skin, his intense brown eyes, but he now has a sexy shaved head and his scruffy beard is now a masculine-shaped goatee. I can’t stop starring at him. I WANT HIM. I NEED HIM. He turns to me, and as I come close to his plump lips…he says, “Do you realize I have a bell? If you ring it, I can buzz you up and not have to come downstairs to let you in. Look, Here it is, apt #2.”
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