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Jealousy is an ugly emotion and who would disagree with that? Many also believe that if you are secure in yourself and your relationship you are immune to such an unpleasant emotion. Immune, maybe not. I think jealousy has the ability to creep into even the best of healthy relationships.Cathouse T’s comment reminded me of something my husband and I went through before we were married.We both had (and have) friends of the opposite sex, and it’s obvious when one may have more than “friendship” on their mind. Well, I guess it wasn’t as obvious to him, because instead of deferring a flirtatious interaction, as I would do, he would continue on in the same manner. Now, I didn’t think he’d forget how to say “NO”, as Cathouse T feared, but I was upset by his response. Was I insecure or jealous? It may have appeared that way, but what I was feeling was disrespected and it made me question HIM! Maybe he wasn’t as secure as I (and he) thought he was? Was it a safe way to feed his ego? Both of us were happy and secure in our relationship, so this was very puzzling.As for now, we still have our friends, and were both friendly and yes, sometimes even a TINY BIT flirtatious, but NOT to the “Extra Friendly Friends”! We know where the boundaries are so neither of us becomes ugly by jealousy!
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