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Agregador de Contenidos Agregador de Contenidos

Curso MOOC 2020-2021


This course "Auxiliares de Conversación de la Comunidad de Madrid" comprises five units, with the following timing*:

Starting date: 10/05/2020

- M1 Experiences of other LAs:  From 10-05-2020 to 10-14-2020.
- M2 Spanish Education System: From 10-15-2020 to 10-29-2020.
- M3 Samples of External Evaluations: From 10-30-2020 to 11-14-2020.
- M4 Resources and Portfolio Submission: From: 11-15-2020 to 11-29-2020.
- M5 Final Project: From 11-30-2020 to 01-17-2021.
*Once available, all Modules will remain open until the Final Deadline on January 17th, 2021.​

Closing date: 01/17/2021

Please, make sure you follow the guide for MOOC's Final Project for language assistants.


Final Proyect Rubric

Contacto MOOC: Se realizará a través de una incidencia Tipo MOOC en el espacio personal del auxiliar en AuxMadrid.