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La Dirección General de Bilingüismo y Calidad de la Enseñanza, con el ánimo de contribuir a la integración de los auxiliares de conversación destinados en la Comunidad de Madrid, crea y mantiene los foros que aparecen en esta página.
No obstante, quienes participan en dichos foros lo hacen a título personal y asumen la responsabilidad de atenerse a la legalidad vigente. Por esta razón, la citada Dirección General ni se hace responsable de los anuncios publicados en los foros, ni puede ser considerada como intermediaria de los acuerdos que llegaran a alcanzar dichos participantes.
En caso de que se haga un uso malintencionado de alguno de los foros, toda entrada que no se considere adecuada se borrará y no se admitirán reclamaciones por parte del autor de la misma o de cualquier otra persona. También se borrarán los hilos que tengan una antigüedad superior a un curso académico.

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Step by step instructions to Find Drafts on Facebook App for Android and iP

In contrast to the web adaptation, Facebook for Android and iOS permits clients to spare posts as drafts. You can make a draft on Facebook pages just as close to home profiles. Drafts let you make a sketch of a post that you can alter and post later on. Shockingly, there appears to be no real way to discover Facebook drafts on iPhone and Android. This is weird on the grounds that the application permits clients to spare a draft however does exclude an alternative to see the draft posts. The application, in any case, shows a warning saying that "Your draft was spared" and you can open it to make changes. 

Maybe, on the off chance that you erroneously evacuate the specific message pop-up, at that point there appears to be no real way to get to the spared draft.The warning may show up again however yet it will let you see just a specific draft and not every one of them. Luckily, there is a little stunt that you can use to recover drafts on the Facebook application. This can come helpful in the event that you have spared a significant post as a draft and need to distribute it. 

Step by step instructions to discover Facebook drafts on Android 

Open the Facebook application. 

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Make a brief draft.save as draft facebook 

Subsequent to sparing the draft, you will get a "Your draft was spared" notification.facebook spared draft warning 

Tap the warning. 

Presently just tap the back catch once on your telephone. 

You would now be able to see the entirety of your spared drafts.find drafts on facebook 

From here, you can open or dispose of any of the unpublished drafts. It's significant that the drafts consequently get expelled following 3 days. So make a point to check your drafts before they get disposed of. 

open facebook draft 

Sadly, you need to use this workaround each an ideal opportunity to see Facebook drafts except if there is a notice appearing. 

On iPhone 

The procedure is very extraordinary for iPhone and iPad. In Facebook for iPhone, you can just spare each draft in turn. To discover the draft, open the Facebook application and search for "Finish your past post?" warning at the head of the Home tab.Tap it to locate the last draft spared by you. It's significant that sparing another draft will abrogate the recently spared draft. 

find facebook drafts on iphone 

Step by step instructions to Create a draft on Facebook 

Open the Facebook application and make another post. 

Info some content or include a photograph in the post. 

Tap the back catch and select "Spare as draft". 

A notice will currently show up about the spared draft.
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